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5 Advanced Features that can turn your mobile to Flash!

Master these five Advanced Dolphin Features to become a Browsing Ninja. Hiya!

Master these 5 Advanced Features that can turn your mobile to Flash.Hiya!


Don’t confine yourself to default settings. Dolphin’s advanced features allow you to customize your preferences and make your browser work for you. Master these five moves to take your mobile browsing to the next level as a Dolphin Browser Flash.


1. Leave no trace

Stay stealthy and prevent your browser from saving your information. Or, if you favor speed over stealth, flip the switch and ask Dolphin to remember passwords, form data, location, and a master password.

Settings > Advanced > Privacy

Security and privacy are very important to us. That’s why we designed and built Dolphin Browser with features that allow you to pick and choose which details you want Dolphin to remember. You could have it so your passwords are remembered but not your form data, keep your location enabled but not your passwords, or any privacy combination you like!



2. Blend in

No need for smoke grenades and camouflage. Whether you’re rocking Android or iOS, you can blend into your surroundings by changing your phone’s user agent settings. This simple feature makes websites bend to your viewing preferences.

Settings > Advanced > User Agent

Browse in mobile mode for compact information or browse in desktop mode for full functionality. You can also switch the target site layout between Android, iPhone or iPad sites.






 3. Operate in the background

Flash knows how to work efficiently, and tabs make browsing the mobile web as easy as desktop viewing. One trick is to set links to open in the background so you can focus on the task at hand.

Settings > Advanced > More > Open Link in Background

Now when you’re searching for reviews on a new gadget, you can have each website open in a background tab instead of navigating back-and-forth between tabs and the search results. Or if you’re reading an article about the most anticipated video games of 2016, you can click on the links you’re interested in and have the tabs ready for you once you’ve finished reading the article..






 4. Maximize speed

You’ve got missions to complete, to-do lists to kill, and no time for default scrolling. Pick up the pace by adjusting your page scroll speed.

Settings > Advanced > Web Content | Page Scrolling Speed








5. See what others miss

Use force zoom to get up close in your mobile browser. This feature is great for when you come across a site that isn’t very mobile-friendly.

Settings > Advanced > Page Zoom




Help Us Improve Dolphin Features

We’re constantly innovating to build a better Dolphin Browser, and we love hearing feedback from our fans. Comment here and let us know what Dolphin Feature you’d like us to work on next!

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