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3.5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Dolphin this Valentine’s Day. Dolphin for iPad v3.5 is here.

Even the best partner isn’t perfect. But Dolphin comes pretty close!

In our efforts to be the best companion for your smartphone or tablet, today we’re announcing the launch of Dolphin Browser v3.5 for iPad. We’ve also, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day and our update, given 3.5 reasons to fall in love with our browser.

1. Dolphin Understand Your Body Language

With Dolphin you never have to explain yourself, we understand the first time. Show Dolphin a Gesture once and we’ll remember forever.

2. Dolphin Lays it All on the Table

Our iPad v3.5 update debuts a new design where you can see the top three articles from your Webzine column right on your homepage. Know what you are getting (and get what you want) easier than ever.

3.  Dolphin Will Never Let you Down

With the new Dolphin for iPad v3.5, you can depend on Dolphin with an even more stable browsing experience.

3.5 Dolphin is Easy

Forgot when we first met? No problem!  Free up some mind share for more important things (like anniversary dates) with v3.5’s better integration of Dolphin Connect. Now log in to Dolphin Connect and sync your user settings, bookmarks and Webzines, using your Facebook or Google account.

We love your feedback so keep it coming. Contact us at support@dolphin-browser.com or in the comments below.

Want to get more intimate… join us on Facebook and Twitter.


Team Dolphin

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