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2015: A Dolphin Browser Year In Review


Between the constant, timely improvements to Dolphin Browser, the overwhelming support of our amazing fans, and so much more, it was a banner year for Dolphin in 2015! There was absolutely no way that we could end this wonderful year without recapping some of our favorite highlights from the past 365 days with all of you, so sit back, and let’s remember the best of 2015 together:


January – Adopted 8 Real Dolphins!

We started the year off on a high note by adopting eight Hawaiian spinner dolphins that are now protected by Pacific Whale Foundation, as they live it up off the coast of Maui. We’re so proud of our finned family!


May – #DesignYourDolphin Contest

Team Dolphin wanted our talented fans to add to the growing library of official Dolphin Themes, so we held a contest that asked our community could select their favorites. A colorful and abstract piece took the top prize, but our fans established that they have an eye for nature too!


June – Topped 1 Million Fans on Facebook!

You love us, you really love us! We couldn’t be more proud when our millionth fan liked us on Facebook, and we’ve found nearly 25,000 new friends since! Thank you for all your support!

September – Huge Updates For Dolphin Browser on iOS

In 2015, Dolphin for iOS got a major makeover. With brand-new support for AdBlock on iPhone & iPad, our partnership with Dashlane, compatibility with the iPad Air & iPad Mini 2, and an overall makeover of how Dolphin fits into Apple’s ecosystem, we continued to show how dedicated we are to the iOS platform.

September – Dolphin Jetpack Improvements

Dolphin Jetpack, our browser-boosting add-on powerhouse, received some major upgrades! These included a smarter zoom feature, a fix to make Flash games easier to play, and the ability to save passwords to Dolphin.


October – Dolphin v11.5 Rolls Out!

We’re always looking to make our apps better, and that involves ongoing bug hunts and glitch busting. We were as excited as you were to get Dolphin working swimmingly on Android Marshmallow!

All Year Round – Dolphin Browser Squashed Major Bugs!

Dolphin Browser is a constantly-evolving platform, and while we’re always striving to improve, bugs still pop up (it’s in their nature). Whether it was patching the FREAK vulnerability on Android, taking a saw to the Logjam threat, or fixing a Zero-Day exploit within 24 hours of its discovery, the Dolphin Team jumped through hoops to fix problems as soon as they were found.

We can’t wait to share what’s next for Dolphin Browser in 2016, so stay tuned – we’re just getting started! Happy New Year!

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