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10 Music Apps For Android, iPhone, iPad That We Love

10 Music Apps For Android, iPhone, iPad That We Love

We love music. You love music. Everybody loves music. It’s easier than ever to get the best music while on the go, at home, at work or even when working out. Like with our favorite mobile messaging apps, why we put together a list of our favorite music apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. Some of them come with limitations. Some of the are free with no ads. Some of them ask for a subscription to unveil their full music power to your ears even when you are offline.


Probably the most well known music service out there. Spotify offers streaming music on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets but also for desktop and laptops. You can listen to all the music you want for free with ads or choose one of the available paid plans to get enjoy music with no ads. Saving music for listening offline is also available along with other great features like recommendations, lists etc.


Pandora brings radio to you smartphone and tablet. It’s not just internet radio. It’s Pandora Radio with custom playlists based on the music you like. Recommendations for discovering and listening to new music works great. As with Spotify, Pandora also offers a free version of the music experience but with limitations. There is also a paid option to upgrade.


SoundCloud lets you hear more music & audio.Find new and trending music. Collect tracks and playlists. Follow friends and artists. Discover podcasts, comedy and news. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing. The SoundCloud app lets you hear more. More hip hop. More rock. More electronic. More classical. More house, jazz, audiobooks, sports.


Rdio is music, tuned to you. Listen to unlimited stations from artist stations to genre and curated stations. Follow friends, artists and other music lovers and discover what they’re playing. Rdio evolves to fit your taste and choose the best songs for you from over 30 million songs collection. Upgrade to Rdio Unlimited and to listen to any album, song, playlist, or station anytime, on any device even offline.


iHeartRadio brings you live streams of radio stations. That means not only music you love but also news, talks, sport shows and more. You can create your own customs stations for your favorite only music genres or a mix of news, radio talks shows and the best music you can get.

iTunes Radio

Built-in to iTunes, the new music service from Apple does what you expect it to do. iTunes Radio brings music to your ears without paying a penny. Based on pre-compiled music genres and themes, you start listening to music right away. You can always search for your favorite band and song too.

NPR Music

NPR Music app is self described as the ultimate music experience at your fingertips. Discover new music of all genres and listen to curated, handpicked lists by the best DJs. Listen to exclusive album previews, live concerts and interviews. Read the latest music news and reviews. NPR is more than a music app, with added value content for those interested in getting their news too.


Rhapsody is your unbelievably big music library. Free of ads. Just the music you want. Save your music so you can listen when offline. Rhapsody unRadio brings you a the music you want without any ads. Upgrade to Rhapsody Premier to listen to the latest hits with high quality sound and audio EQ plus all the features of unRadio. You can also stream music from your your phone, the web, your car, and home audio devices.


Songza might be limited to US and Canada but offers free, unlimited music with curated hand-picked playlists. Playlists are organized by activity, genre, decade and mood. So you can pick up your work out music with a single tap and your holidays music right after you stop sweating. You can save your favorite playlists and share them too.


To listen to great music you have to discover great music. That’s what Shazam does. Help you identify the songs you listen, tag them, share them and even buy them. It works with a single tap.

What is your favorite music apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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