Unicode Map  for Spice Stellar Mi-508

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  • Unicode Map  for Spice Stellar Mi-508
  • Unicode Map  for Spice Stellar Mi-508


Lets you browse Unicode characters by range and search for them by name, display them (when Android has the font) and copy them to the clipboard

Spice Stellar Mi-508 smartphone was launched in August 2014. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is powered by 1.3GHz dual-core it comes with 512MB of RAM. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Spice Stellar Mi-508 packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 2-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 runs Android 4.4 and is powered by a 2000mAh removable battery.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


How to download Unicode Map form Spice Stellar Mi-508?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Unicode Map with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Unicode Map is compatible with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  2. Click the download button to download Unicode Map in Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Unicode Map in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for Spice Stellar Mi-508

  • Elisabeth Meinig
    Exactly what I am seeing all over instagram
    I kept seeing all these cute little symbols on instagram and I wanted in. This app has everything you could possibly want from birthday cakes to spouting whales to mount fuji and everything in between. Super easy to use as well-just scroll through selection, click, push the conveniently placed copy button, and then paste into your text message or instagram caption. Appear black and white on my galaxy s3, colored on the iphone. Thanks developer! This app is my new favorite thing!
  • Julien M.
    👍 Awesome 👍
    🙌 best unicode app I could find! I will 👊 anyone dissing this app! ➕ it's 🆓! Just copy and paste into googles keyboards personal dictionary. Want to learn more? Google it! 🙅. Thank you for this 🙆 app! Its the 💩! ✌!!!
  • Elizabeth Osinowo
    Pretty good
    I no longer need it thanks to my s5 which is equipped with emojis but this could've been better if it was like a plug-in or add to the keyboard
  • Peter Donnelly
    Tears of joy 😂
    Other "symbol" tools give you a selection, but this completely free app lets you see and use everything available in the system font. Be sure to check out the online documentation, which explains the "squares" that so bother those who evidently think their device should automatically support the Glagolitic and Old Persian alphabets. The interface is dated, and as others have noted a favorites list and less fussy search would be useful. Unfortunately, the developer admits to being poor at maintaining projects, so we're unlikely to see updates. 😞 Meantime, you can use this app for finding characters to add to the highly configurable SymbolsPanel.
  • A Google User
    Good and open source
    Really helps to type exotic letters. Thanks.
  • Josh N
    Excellent work
    I use this constantly. I'd love to see it updated with a Holo interface.
  • Trent Payne
    Did what I needed quickly
    ... and without ads. Thank you!
  • Kinjal Banerjee
    A simple, elegant solution to a problem that programs approach in large, complicated, several megabyte solutions!
  • Michelle Bowman
    Not bad, could be great w/small adjustments
    The ability to delete characters/groups of characters that don't work on your device would be a fantastic add. Also an "add to favorites" would make this so much easier to use. Great app overall, sure beats searching the web for a single special character!
  • A Google User
    Useful, especially with search.
    I tried gucharmap, but it doesn't let me search for symbols. This app does! To those complaining about empty boxes: this is a problem with your phone's font, not the app.
  • ido nob
    does the titular job
    handy tool, perfect as it is, thanks!
  • A Google User
    Simple and sweet
    This sweet and simple application is exactly what I was looking for. It makes entering unicode characters on my PC much easier when I can look the code up on my phone without having to switch out of the application I am working in to find it.
  • Rafaël Vuijk
    Simpler search and a history list would be a nice add-on though.
  • Henry Foxon
    Font issues aside, it's plenty good enough. Searching can be a hassle though
  • Yie Ezra
    will be good if there's a filter to show or no empty slot character.
  • A Google User
    Now only if Android would get onboard and give us missing fonts.
  • A Google User
    feature request
    good program, but it lacks the possibility to sort the categories/blocks (like in gucharmap for example)
  • Skyler Gray
    Thank you.
    There should be an app like this on every phone.
  • Dustin Boyd
    Great for occasional entering of nonGreatve characters!
    This app is great for the occasional entering of Unicode characters that aren't already on the English keyboard I use, such as the Latin Small Letter A With Ogonek! And to those who complain about no substring matching, it is a bad idea in an app like this (if I search for "a", I don't want "Katakana Letter Ke" or something to come up), not to mention you already have it: use asterisks. Thank you to the developer!
  • Dan Brennan
    This is what open software is for
    A clean concise app that makes up for yet another feature Android forgot. Reminiscent of the Ctrl-W feature in WordPerfect or the Charmap feature in Windows. This is also really handy on Bluetooth keyboards that can't access even Android's limited character input (which makes me glad it's NOT integrated with a stock keyboard). The interface is more functional than I would have expected. Kudos! 👍
  • Anonymous
    No better app of its kind is out there.
  • krishnaprasad nagamalla
    Nice app
    For developers it is easy to get unicodes for symbols
  • Charlotte Edmonds
    Does a good job
    Considering the hours I've spent attempting to work out how to insert a couple of particular characters (from Chinese input as well as Google keyboard, etc) and failed, this so far seems to save a lot of time despite its limited functionality. Thanks!
  • Yosi Mor
    Quite good, but could be even better.
    Missing a "Favorites" feature -- which preferably should show descriptive name of each character (especially for non-visible characters). Also, "Search" should implicitly use a wildcard ("*") at start and end of search-string.
  • Eric Conrad
    Great app
    Note that this app only displays using existing fonts -- it does not install any new fonts. The app also demonstrates that the default fonts supplied on most Android phones are completely inadequate (thank you app! shame on Google!). Unfortunately there is no way on Android to add new fonts or to supply missing characters without rooting the phone.
  • A Google User
    After replacing system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf with Ariel Unicode MS.ttf I can use your app to enter and even see all the symbols I was missing on my mobile phone. You are a genius and thank you for developing this very useful app!!
  • A Google User
    its a quite good app but stil we need rooting to nt see boxes
  • tara willhide
    Schulz Styx humbug sync high min
    Awesome ilove this apP
  • Ben Pritchard
    Does exactly as it says on the tin. It would be great if you could add a favourites list and make the each end wildcard search default...
  • Jeff Spaulding
    Simple and works well
    Useful if you have a password you can't type on a keyboard. I just wish my girlfriend's Samsung Note supported emoji.
  • Fernando Puch
    Always using it
    Search functionality could be better, but otherwise a great app!
  • Stanislav Sultanov
    Nice app, thanks
    Could be useful to add some features for search: 1. Remember at least the last search entered, preferably search history. 2. Ability to save searches, ideally also to organize them in subfolders. 3. Search / group by main letter forms, e.g. all variants of letter "a" etc. Thanks again.
  • Ahmed unbelievible
    Hmmm it's okay
  • David Healey
    Needed this for entering icons into Zooper
    Excellent app. Made coding widgets much easier.
  • Nhung Luu
    Great but...
    I was ecstatic (really) to have found this app. It would be nice if you add "Sort Alphabetically". And when I search *heart, I want *hearts icons to appear too
Unicode Map

Unicode Map