Self-Hypnosis for Meditation  for Spice Stellar Mi-508

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

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  • Self-Hypnosis for Meditation  for Spice Stellar Mi-508
  • Self-Hypnosis for Meditation  for Spice Stellar Mi-508
  • Self-Hypnosis for Meditation  for Spice Stellar Mi-508


Self-Hypnosis for Meditation provides professionally made self-hypnosis sound tracks to help you achieve different states of meditation and relaxation

Spice Stellar Mi-508 smartphone was launched in August 2014. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is powered by 1.3GHz dual-core it comes with 512MB of RAM. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Spice Stellar Mi-508 packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 2-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 runs Android 4.4 and is powered by a 2000mAh removable battery.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


How to download Self-Hypnosis for Meditation form Spice Stellar Mi-508?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Self-Hypnosis for Meditation with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is compatible with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  2. Click the download button to download Self-Hypnosis for Meditation in Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Self-Hypnosis for Meditation in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for Spice Stellar Mi-508

  • Marianna Eaton
    This app really works well for me!
    After listening, I was in such a state of relaxation, peaceful calming bliss. I did not want to get up from laying down. I really had to force myself up. I wanted to just be in that state forever. Once I forced myself up. I remained in a beautiful state on blissful calm. Thank you for this app
  • Brianna Hoyt
    Best relaxation tool yet
    I love how quickly this app puts me into a calm state of mind. I know a lot of people wish it had been voiced by a girl, but he does a great job of keeping me calm. Used to have terrors almost nightly before I started this. And there is nothing better than to come home, light my dragon blood incense, and just relax. Two thumbs way up.
  • Alex Smith
    Great sleep aid
    Even when I am sure I won't be able to fall asleep, this app does the trick. Been using it for several years now.
  • Pinky Cow
    Thanks "Terrified"!
    I only downloaded the app our of curiosity after reading the review from "Terrified". You should give him the upgrade for free as he seems to be enticing lots of people to download your app! Otherwise for being free, it's a great app. I enjoyed it.
  • Julia Harrison
    All time favourite app
    There is only one app that beats this one for me which is my audio Bible so you can guess how highly I rate this app. Absolutely bloody love it. Although the guys voice should tell me stories for hours on end. It's his voice what's so relaxing please make another app or audio books with the same blokes voice. No1 else's or other app comes close to how this relaxes me and thats one thing I can never ever do, is relax. Thanks. Hope a new app comes out soon
  • A Google User
    Im 15 and i have a younger sister aged 13 we aurgue alot.....i downloaded this app after doing yogo in pe..i was looking for yogo apps and found this i have aurgued with my sister no matter what she has done and we have gotten along better! love this app!
  • Lava Bai
    Does What it Offers
    Calm, Relaxing Voice. Great background sound. I was able to center myself in less than 1 minute. The APP settings need work. Want to see time progressive. Screen Timeout in app settings impacts overall phone settings after app is closed. Set to NEVER in app and it's good.
  • A Google User
    For a free app its great
    Decided to review since all these look the same; Personally, I like the voice, very nice to guide you without being a distraction. Also helped me visualize removing the negative thoughts and -discard- them as I need throughout my day. Kudos guys
  • Ted Mitchele
    So very helpful
    Tried it and its really goof. Help ease out all my stress and also improve my night sleep. When practising ninjutsu, proper breathing and quiet mind are what you need, and this app provide it. 5 stars.
  • Shannon Young
    Great for relaxing your mind
    When I was going through a stressful time in my life I used this app several times daily and it really changed my life. Panic attacks slowly but surely decreased. I didn't fall asleep but felt refreshed enough to have a productive Somehow I gained confidence too. I do not regret using this program as it was very helpful.
  • Joseph White
    Very, very excellent!!!!!
    It helped me achieve such a deep state of relaxation that I just fell victim to it. But words can't describe how good this app is! I just couldn't believe how relaxed I was!
  • Pi Sokratiz
    Almost there!
    Can the voice pause for 15 - 30 seconds between phrases? This should give an added powerful hypnotic effect -- Soonest possible. I will give this the perfect 5 star! Thanks!
  • Lisa Raven
    Sorry but "terrified's" review kinda ruined it for me. I keep laughing every time I listen to it because that review runs through my head and I found it way too funny . I don't think it's bad at all. that review... Just cracked me up and I think of it every time I listen to it and bust out laughing so I find it hard to quiet my mind when I keep laughing but I think its a keeper.... sorry "terrified" but thanks for the laugh
  • A Google User
    Thankyou so much!
    This app relaxes the body so much. I feel like the world around me is just turned off or something. This is the best hypnosis app. I definently recommend this to anyone who just wants to unwind and relax.
  • Alison Bickers
    Very relaxing
    This is a great app if you are new to meditation. Gets me into a deep meditative state and calms me down after a stressful day.
  • A Google User
    First time
    This was my first time using this app, it was great. I was so relaxed by the end, that I didn't know where my hands stopped and everything else began! Love it!
  • Kathleen L
    Highly relaxing
    I've only had this app a few days and already I notice a big difference. I meditate each night before bed and I'm sleeping better, I'm less anxious and I'm able to handle stress better.
  • E Henderson
    Good meditation app. The voice and the music are nice and relaxing. It doesn't give a lot of instructions on how to meditate but its a good app to relax if u r stressed or thinking too much.
    Loved it
    At times I suffer from panic attacks in public, when I feel they start coming on, I put on the app and just follow it's instructions. It helps as a destraction and get my breathing to slow down.
  • Richy Kerekere
    I've downloaded other relaxation apps but this by far gets 5 stars! Didn't realise how relaxed I was when I felt all my tired tears fall down my cheeks! Lol recommend it to everyone! Thanks
  • Nina Selene Rossi
    5-Star App
    I love this app!!! Been using it for a while, and I love this app... This guy should have paused for a second or two before speaking again, but other than that, it's awesome.
  • Rachel Miller
    Best Sleep!!
    I have had sleeping issues for years. I got to a point when taking one dose of Unisom wouldn't even work. I had heard about meditating to help fall asleep and thought I would try this app. I have been sleeping so well with no meds at all!! I find that I don't have to meditate every night. I highly recommend using this app. It works miracles!!!
  • Hafeezah Akbar
    It Works
    I do this meditation 5 days a week. Makes me calm and relaxed. I just wonder about one word I can't understand that drives me crazy: "and notice how your stomach __ rises and falls with each breath". If anyone knows what the word is please let me know. Thanks!
  • Blessing Domingo
    I don't remember what just happened. I was following the voice, i was like Gone and then i came back when it says "welcome back" ^_^ this app..i love dX
Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation