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  • LauncherPro  for Spice Stellar Mi-508
  • LauncherPro  for Spice Stellar Mi-508



Spice Stellar Mi-508 smartphone was launched in August 2014. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is powered by 1.3GHz dual-core it comes with 512MB of RAM. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Spice Stellar Mi-508 packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 2-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 runs Android 4.4 and is powered by a 2000mAh removable battery.

The Spice Stellar Mi-508 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


How to download LauncherPro form Spice Stellar Mi-508?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of LauncherPro with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure LauncherPro is compatible with Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  2. Click the download button to download LauncherPro in Spice Stellar Mi-508.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find LauncherPro in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for Spice Stellar Mi-508

  • A Google User
    Best app on the market!
    I have had the paid version of LP for a while now. First on my Eris, and now on my Incredible. Every now and then I'll try to go back to plain Sense for a while, but I keep coming back to LauncherPro. Sense has 3 (non-customizable) shortcuts on it's launcher. Whereas LauncherPro has 15 (very customizable) shortcuts on it's launcher. That alone is worth the money. All of my most used apps go on the Launcher bar, leaving tons of free screen space for big widgets like the calendar and facebook. Get this app!!!
  • A Google User
    Best launcher even after 2 years of no updates
    Like every one else.. Do I wish there were updates? Sure, but you know what.. It does more than I need, and exactly what I want. It's fast, reliable, and customizable. Limited fc's and is easy on the memory. Ever heard the phrase don't fix it, if it ain't broke? Props to Dev. Do hope your still alive though.
  • A Google User
    A must have
    I've tried out all the other popular launchers, the reason why I consistently stick with LauncherPro is because I find it the best for keeping my device as stock as possible while giving me the ability to customize my dock and my number of homescreens. I personally find anything over 3 homescreens to be a bit ridiculous and frankly ruin the whole point of a homescreen. I like how LauncherPro is simple, easy on internal memory, and just simply lets me customize my homescreen to work the way I want it to work.
  • Aakash Sawaimoon
    Fast and Smooth!
    If your phone is a little slow, you might want to give this launcher a shot! Highly customizeable and minimalistic launcher. No nonsense addons. Clean, Fast and smooth. Just one wish though, the icons in the menu could have been slightly big and in HD quality... Eager to see what developements they do!
  • A Google User
    This is a must in my opinion. Its simple anand effective. Its responcive and, because you can change the speed of different things like how quickly apps open as well as the doc, and how you can turn off wallpaper scrolling, I love it. I will admit, I am a iPhone.person now because of its stability being much better than andriod. HOWEVER, things like this are why I still someone like android. (Not trying to start any phone war. Not the point). Great work, stable, works terrifically!
  • A Google User
    Still very good in the face of competition
    Still my favorite launcher for android and after trying Go, trebuchet, apex, nova I've gone back to it again. Still relevant on my HTC One M8. Don't bother paying for the Plus version though as most of the widgets no longer work with their respective sites. Developer abandoned this excellent launcher in 2011 which is such a shame. Dev: If you don't want to support it, please sell it or give it to someone who will.
  • Meghan Gill
    I have been using this launcher for about 2 years and it is the one I always come back to when I try something new. Never crashes and keeps my phone running smooth and looking good. I'd really like to see an update since it's been a few years, would be nice to know that the dev hasn't abandoned this brilliant launcher!
  • A Google User
    SGS2 E4GT
    This is easily the best launcher I've ever used, for any phone. I've tried TSF, SPB, Go Launcher, Zeam, Nemus, ADW, Regina 3D, Launcher 7, MX Home, HeLauncher, and many, many others, and none of them best Launcher Pro in the performance department. Not necessarily the best looking and most customizable, but if you're looking for speed and performance, Launcher Pro is where it's at, and the paid version includes some neat Widgets and the ability to resize any widget you want :)
  • Marco Ramirez
    It's been great!
    I have been using LP for years now. I've recently purchased an S5 & I just think it's time to let LP, go. Although I do love it, it's easy to use and arranges apps in alphabetical order I just feel my new phone will not be at its best performance with it. So long, launcher pro. You will be missed. A LOT!!!
  • A Google User
    Indibiual icon
    Is it just me or is the option to change icons individualy not an option? If I can change the icons individually please help! I have this 1000 icons pack and cant even use it by my own choice. Great app though. Its fast if you know how to set it up
  • A Google User
    A pleasure to use
    Fast, smooth and simple. I love the default dock icons, there's something classy about them. I don't understand all the one star ratings with "its been abandoned" as an explanation.. Yes an update would be nice I guess, but this is still the great launcher it's always been
  • A Google User
    Works great without the widgets
    I was loving it until everytime i access an app when i go back to home screen it takes 50 seconds or so to reload all apps on the homescreen. It turned out to be because of the widgets. When i removed most of then it worked great If that is fixed id give it a 5 star.
  • A Google User
    Room for improvements
    It goes great on my low end phone. Lock home launcher to memory and no problems. But has this been abandoned? :( there's plenty of room for features and improvements. Other launchers are now doing what this paid version does for free (like widget resize).
  • A Google User
    launcher pro more stable than adw - imho
    I tested launcher pro and adw launcher for several weeks. I also purchased the plus and ex versions of both, so the contest was pretty close. In the end, I found that launcher pro was more stable. My favorite feature is the dock bar. I had some odd things happen with ADW. For example, the music player would start playing when I adjusted the handset volume.Your experience may be different. They are both nice.
  • A Google User
    A lot more responsive and less bloat than GO on an older device. Can't rename desktop folders and icons eventually go to the same order, regardless of how you set them, and wish I could set icons for desktop shortcuts like I can in the dock - but overall a better choice for me.
  • A Google User
    super smooth
    best launcher out! I just don't understand people crying because they don't have a new version. This is the smoothest one period, even adding in different rom launcher. The plus version is worth the 3.49 for the additional features. I do look forward to a new version but I'm not gonna give this one less than 5 stars just because its older. Its imo still tbe best!
  • A Google User
    Already see a difference
    I downloaded this launcher app because of a post someone put up about how to make ur Android faster. I can't wait until I'm able to get a phone that has Ice Cream or the newest version for that matter. I have the Samsung Transform and I got the chance to play on my mothers phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) I am so jealous. But now with this app my transform is moving sooo smooth and soooo fast. Thank you LauncherPro. Now I can stop bugging my husband for a new phone. :)
  • A Google User
    Huawei M880
    Best app/launcher so far. Doesn't take as much memory as other apps/launcher. Can be personalize the way you want, but unfortunately it gets boring after having it for a couple days. I would like to have more styles, like ICS 4.0, Jelly bean 4.1, etc. if you could fix that the app will become the best one in the store
  • A Google User
    Makes my Dell Streak usable
    I've no idea what wacky weed the designers at Dell made them think that the Stages UI was suitable for the Dell Streak. It is the most useless UI out there. The I discovered LauncherPro - saved!! have been using it for 2 months and I love it - made my Streak what it should be. Keep up the good work Federico!
  • A Google User
    what an improvement!
    Not a big modder, I usually am just interested in quick & easy things I can do to make my user experience smoother and simpler. I thought installing a new launcher might be more trouble than it was worth, but why not try? Oh. My. God. It took me 5 minutes of playing around with LauncherPro to realize this might be the best thing I've done to my phone so far. I have a Samsung Exhibit II 4g, decent phone, but not super fast. Nevertheless this app runs smoother and is a VAST improvement over stock!
  • A Google User
    Best appear ever!
    I was not sure what to expect. I was going to give it a try. But though it would most likely dog my system down. What a mistake. This app runs much faster and better than the original launcher. Is made my system run better than new. I use less resources and have more wigets than ever running. AMAZING APP. I will pay for this one for sure and hope you all try the free version to see how awesome this app realy is.
  • Flap Jackson
    The best Launcher I've ever used
    I've been using this Launcher since the Motorola Droid came out. It's been superb. I'm currently on an XT910. I just wish I were updated because I seem to notice that on 4.0.4, the dock notifications aren't working anymore, and I loved those. Still a great app and glad I paid for it in the past, nothing else compares.
  • A Google User
    Has its own pros and cons.
    A fast and very reliable launcher. But lacks the customizability in many part. Has a not so user-friendly interface. The main problem, however, is many features are only availible in the paid version, which makes it even less customizable. Overall, this is good if you want more speed on your phone, and you have some knowledge of what you are doing.
  • A Google User
    No other launcher is as INSANELY FAST as LPro
    I have used every launcher available for Android. Down to stock android. Nothing beats launcherPro (Sanse stock Android lol). Not only does this launcher zip to every homescreen slab, it rocks the memory optimization. SO SMOOTH@! Never have gone to anything else
  • A Google User
    Best 3.50 you can spend on Android Market
    Despite all the growth Android has seen over the years somehow iPhone still holds the distinction of being more "smooth" and "snappy". This may not seem to matter technically but it does make the iPhones considerably more enjoyable to use. With Launcher Pro the "smooth" and "snap" come to the Android in an incredibly flexible package. This program nullified the jerkiness that comes with Motoblur on my Atrix and allowed me to customize my interface beyond my expectations. Well done.
  • A Google User
    Still using it.
    I've tried several launchers since the g1 days. Back then on that machine it was adw all the way, when I switched to my galaxy s, it went to launcher pro. I've tried so many others but I keep coming back to this one. Nice widgets, slick transitions, 3d app drawer. I just like it best because it's essentially a good stock style launcher with a lot of customizability. Some people compassion that it's not updated often. I figure if you got it right, there's no reason to keep messing with it.
  • A Google User
    Great app! Highly customizable, just as I like it! The only small bug I found was that the homescreen in landscape mode doesn't keep the wallpaper centered, but it cuts it, revealing only the upper 2/3s. Hope you can fix it soon... Anyway, it's definitely my default launcher!!! PS: The app drawer could use some background image.
  • Adem Omerovic
    Fast and smooth must have application.
    Hi, this is my first review and I want to contribute with positive feedback for this grate application. I am using Android 2.2 phone, and it's default home launcher is not that special. First time i got chance to use it was when it came preinstalled in Kyrillos rom, since then it is second must have app on my phone. What i am missing in it is: - when activated [Pref -> Dock Settings -> Missed Call Count], when there is missed call count number near handset and user touches it, it should open call log, not dial-pad. It would be more natural that way. BR,
  • Naveen Sharma
    Nothing like it!!
    Nothing like it!! I mean if you are searching for a launcher without lag, you have reached your destination.. My phone is like more active or more vital. We can compromise with the interface or themes but not with the processing time coz if u have limited ram n lesser clock freq. U can't help it.. But this is the best ever option for overcome that.. Thank you launcher pro team... This is simply the best.
  • A Google User
    I love this app even though I don't even use it anymore. Just felt that it should get rated up because of some of the derp-asaurs that rate it down because they don't know how to read before installing. IT IS A HOMESCREEN REPLACEMENT APP, and as such it will replace your entire homescreen, widgets, shortcuts and all.
  • Androdian Androïd
    Unlike the two-year abandonmente of enhanced email, i still use LauncherPro because its really a nice app while some features dropping with age. May not be as many updates as other launchere but this app as is, is not bad. I especially like the "cube" screen I transition. Have mine set to the slowest. Makes my screens look like they're floating in water.Smooth
  • A Google User
    would rate 4.75 if I could
    perfect blend of speed, customizing and battery life. I was using adw ex until it started getting buggy and my battery was suffering. currently my phone has been on for 8 hrs with 2 hrs streaming pandora, 1 hour of streaming video minor text and phone use and I have 70% life left. the only feature I would like is to be able to individually change icon pics that are not in the dock
  • A Google User
    I'm using the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 I think i have tried just about every launcher out there that would work on this device. I always come back to LauncherPro. When it comes to buttery smoothness and battery life, it just can't be beat. You want a prettier or more feature laden launcher, well it's out there. But if you want simple, get it done, clean interface launcher, then this is it.