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  • Push Ups  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)
  • Push Ups  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)
  • Push Ups  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)


Getting you to doing 50, 75, 100 or 125 push ups in a row -- that is what the Push Ups fitness app is all about

InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) smartphone was launched in March 2016. The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 850 pixels by 480 pixels. InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) price in India starts from Rs. 4,750.

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) is powered by 1.5GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC9830 processor and it comes with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 64GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) runs Android 5.1 and is powered by a 2300mAh non removable battery. It measures 136.80 x 67.00 x 10.82 (height x width x thickness) .

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.


How to download Push Ups form InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Push Ups with InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Push Ups is compatible with InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
  2. Click the download button to download Push Ups in InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Push Ups in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)

  • Ozone Thongling
    Great App
    Been using this lately to help me build up my push up strength so I can prepare for the army. It's great and simple and has worked flawlessly. I also have the sit ups and squats one but I wish their was just one app that combines all of these together. Not a big deal though.
  • Sebastian Barraza
    It motivates me
    I normally do not like to do bodyweight exercises buy using this app helps me get it done because I don't think about it until the whistle, then I just knock them out. And seeing the progress motivates me to keep going. I would never think of doing 100 push ups every other morning, let alone 200 or even 300. I do wish it didn't go into maintenance mode after you 'reach your goal'. I still cannot do 100 consecutive pushup but the app won't make the workout harder anymore. I wish it kept going.
  • A Google User
    Feel the burn
    I like this app. My family laughs at me because i use an app for exercising. But it is like having a trainer in your pocket. A timed rest after each rep means no more guess work. And yes you feel it afterwards
  • A Google User
    Good app but needs some adjustments
    Good app, I like the layout of the program and the user interface. I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I did not get the results that I was working towards. My goal was 100 push ups. I was able to do 49 before I started the program and after about 3 weeks worth of sessions the program had me doing about 250 push ups spread out over multiple sets and it said I should now be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. After taking a day of rest, I attempted my goal of 100 and was only able to do 58.
  • Miomir Todorovic
    This app is amazing
    With this app I was able to enhance my performance way up. Before I started to use this app, I was able to do only 25 push ups. Now I'm training for 100 continuous mode. I'm able to do 70 push ups in one go. Now, don't expect to achieve goal in just one workout series (completion of one training program). Success is very dependent on your current level of fitness, but in a long run, you will achieve great results. My rating: 5 stars. I also use other workout apps and they are very good as well.
  • A Google User
    Why a reminder?
    What is with everyone wanting reminders. This is an Android app. Doesn't your device come with a calendar?! If you're serious about improving your performance, you don't need to be reminded. Nobody has to 'remind' you to eat. It's fine just the way it is. Could use a bigger "Done" button though. I like to slap it on my last rep.
  • A Google User
    Does What it Says... Almost
    So I hit the goal - 125 total push ups - but I'm not quite able to do 125 continuous push ups. I can do 80. However, when I started two months ago, I could barely do 10, so that's a huge improvement. I've been thinking of where to go from here, and I decided that I'm going to start over, this time, doing them one arm at a time. :D
  • Brett Stone
    Simple and effective
    Does just what you need. The only thing it could use is recommended rest days. A person that never works out couldn't start the sessions the day after the test (3 days?), but right after the initial test it just sits ready for the workout. Proper rest and recovery is almost as important as the muscular exertion itself. But it's easy enough to just open the app when you're able to workout. Not perfect, but good app.
  • A Google User
    Simple and effective.
    I've been using this for about six weeks, and I've seen great progress. When I started, I couldn't do even one push up with good form. So I did the initial test with knee push ups and trained with this app like that for a few weeks. Then I tested myself again and could do three regular push-ups with good form. Now the sessions are up to 24 push ups (total across sets). I like that it asks for your feedback at the end of the workout. Take those rest days. Three days a week is all it takes. I would buy an ad-free version if it was offered. I would like it if the log showed your sets and the total. e.g. Jan 10,2012: 6,5,6,5,5 total 27
  • A Google User
    free app with optional ads, does what it says
    does what it says, not sure if you reach the target 100% of the times but it certainly increases your chances. the option to disable the adds is a nice gesture from the developers, i kept the adds on just because they give me the choice, i think it's a fair deal, for a free app it would be nice to have a graphic progress bar, with dates and times, number of pushups, etc. overall an excellent app
  • A Google User
    I used this app for one month 5 times a week. Made a huge difference and kept me motivated. My shoulders,arms,back and chest was noticeably bigger. Received so many compliments :D That's the best part.Thanks for the free app!
  • Austin Law
    Interesting but not what I expected
    I had thought would be something that would prompt me every so often during the day to do a certain set of pushups. Instead, it was something that paused for a certain amount of time after I complete a set amount of pushups, then prompting me to do more. I am glad that I got it, as this is the first time I have a set regimen for doing pushups. However I wish you would have said in the description that I would have to set aside a certain amount of time. All in all, very satisfied.
  • A Google User
    Good but not perfect
    Great for getting some regular upper body exercise but after finishing the 100 pushup regimen, I could still only do about 40 continuously. I'd still recommend it - I'm in much better shape than I was - but I think the math is a little off. Or I'm just defective
  • Isaiah Garcia
    Hit install; it's great.
    This app is so simple, yet great. It has a bell that goes off when your rest period is done, it tracks your progress, and it personalizes all of your feedback to improve your overall push up max. Critical features that other crowded applications lack. I haven't hit my goal yet though!
  • A Google User
    Great Support
    I had an issue with the app as I had enabled "Force GPU acceleration" in my developer options on my Galaxy Nexus. I wrote the developer and he responded in about 5 minutes. Since he said on his Nexus it worked I then remembered my setting change and was able to resolve the issue. I am very impressed and appreciative of the rapid response and the app appears to work and I am looking forward to using it to help me with my exercise plan. :-)
  • Stuart Gill
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
    This is a great app. I have begin using it in parrallel with the squat app. Press ups, then squats, repeat. If I had a pull up bar id throw that in too. Really gets you going and each day it ups the reps so always remains challenging. Like others have said, be honest with the amount of press ups you can initially do and you will be rewarded with a smooth progression upwards. Good job guys.
  • Paul Heron
    Good, but not great
    The app is a good starting point if you're looking to increase your rep count but I don't understand how they say I should now be able to complete 125 pushups in a row after having completed the program. I can only reach 45 at best in a row and I have no problems with the hardest level they throw at me.
  • A Google User
    Great App
    I let myself get a bit out of shape over the years. I downloaded this app as well as the sit up and the squat app. Plugged in my information and was all set. I am 53 years old. I love how the app takes you at YOUR OWN LEVEL. I do 1 app each day. Monday - push ups; Tuesday - sit ups; Wednesday - squats; Thursday - push ups; Friday - sit ups; Saturday - Squats; Sunday REST! I used to do push ups every day when I was younger and then one day I ripped my rotator cup. This app suggests every other day training which I know is a great idea. All in all I give this app a two thumbs up!
  • A Google User
    Great app, Great improvements
    I have been using this app in combination with a regular exercise routine. But I've gone from doing barely 20 pushups to 80 within a month and a half. I'm not done with the program but so far I can't argue with the progress. Hopefully I hit my 100 mark but even if I don't I have made a solid increase in my repititions. It's a great app and I advise anyone who wants to increase how many pushups they do to give this app a shot.
  • Aakash Jain
    Love it!
    I started using this app two months ago. I still remember how tough it was for me to even complete 10 pushup... But after a months 20 pushup in a row seems so easy for me that I can't even feel any effort doing it..... If you have dedication then just hit the install button and see the difference.
  • Ishmael Dixon
    Very Useful
    I would like to thank the developer for creating this app and making it available for the public. It definitely does as described in an efficient manner. A couple things though that I'd change maybe even for a paid version or subscription, I use a variety of push ups to develop different muscles and I prefer your app for improving in all of them. Now I just got the idea to do them all as I do the one and follow the regiment but if your app would allow for different regiments using the same format&save data
  • A Google User
    Great concept
    It would had been great if motion sensor or touch screen features were incorporated. But nevertheless the app does a great job. Some times a take two days break in between to relax my muscles. I hope it's not cheating.
  • Alika Kobiashvili
    So far, so good.
    Being using it for one day, and I been feeling like I'm getting a good work. Only the results will tell if it was worth using this app. Tbh if I don't show that Much improvement I'll still keep the app, it motivates me to finish my workout.
  • Robert Rodriguez
    This app is great I just completed 50 pushups in a row. 3 weeks ago I struggled to do 10. I'll admit it wasn't easy but it was we'll worth it. I'm 55 years old and haven't worked out for years I feel great ! Don't forget to take the day of rest thanks for creating this app :-)
  • A Google User
    Good but could use more
    Love the app guys but I think it would be better if you integrated an optional alarm feature, to remind users to do it. I know I've forgotten on a couple days. Also after a couple days of no use you could have a push notification reminder. Lastly, it'd b great to have the 4 apps in one. I'm currently using the pull ups, push ups, and sit ups apps and having to exit and start each app seems unnecessary. Otherwise awesome app guys. Keep it up!
  • A Google User
    The little motivation I need
    From a software point of view, this is just fine. You tell it what your goal is (for me, 50 in a row) and what you can currently do (for me, 2). It then tells you how many to do every other day in sets of 4. You tell it when you completed each part, it will show a timer to let you rest and then alert you when you need to do the next set. The only thing you need to do is remember to come back in a couple of days and do the next group of push-ups. It would be nice if there was an optional reminder to alert you which day you need to do more pushups. From a fitness point of view, it's the little motivation I need to do the program and improve my pushups. It's been about a week and I'm doing sets of 5 and 6 when I could only do 2 or 3 a week ago. I'm on my way.
  • A Google User
    Almost good
    This is my first day and what I can say about this app: its great. Now i realized that i was always doing pushups wrong. After 5 sets that this app told me to do i felt tension in my muscles for hours...
  • Warren Hilsbos
    Keeping it simple.
    I don't have a lot of time to work out and I'm not going to touch my phone with my nose. This app works by keeping things simple and doing what it needs to. The system ramps up smoothly and builds real strength. Don't go for the gimmicks. Just needs something for improved motivation.
  • A Google User
    Great app! Why not combine them all?
    This app works wonderfully, but it is slightly inconvenient to have to do the different exercises one app at a time. I think a single app that handles your regiment of squats, situps, pushups, and pullups would have been much better. You could select which ones you want to do together that day and it could calculate sets and rests accordingly.
  • Richard Western
    Fit!!! A+++
    This is a great app. Really it's just pushing me to do my best. I still chose to turn it on everyday, but once it's on, I don't want to let it down. It doesn't remind me to do my push ups, which I like and doesn't make me touch my phone with my nose, like some other apps do. I'd like to be able to check out my progress and what I've done. Maybe I can, but I haven't figured that part out yet.
  • Dillon Jagdeo
    Failure is lack of will power
    Do no cheat with this app. If you can only do ten push ups then put that. Do no put 30 if you can only do 20 or 25 it will only hinder your progress instead of quickening your improvement in push ups. It is good. When I could only do 20 I was at 40 push ups in about 3 weeks. Its not miracle work, just consistency and persistance.
  • Voltaire John Tan
    Now I'm addicted in seeing my progress. Everyday there is improvement! If only i can rate this app to 6 stars.... The phasing is very reasonable. I agree on one of the comments to combine them into 1 great app.
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