Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)

Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log

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  • Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)
  • Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log  for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)


- Ranked #1 Diabetes iPhone Application by Manny Hernandez, Founder of TuDiabetes

InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) smartphone was launched in March 2016. The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 850 pixels by 480 pixels. InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) price in India starts from Rs. 4,750.

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) is powered by 1.5GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC9830 processor and it comes with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 64GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) runs Android 5.1 and is powered by a 2300mAh non removable battery. It measures 136.80 x 67.00 x 10.82 (height x width x thickness) .

The InFocus Bingo 20 (M425) is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.


How to download Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log form InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log with InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log is compatible with InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
  2. Click the download button to download Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log in InFocus Bingo 20 (M425).
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for InFocus Bingo 20 (M425)

  • Steven Hill
    Many options & adaptable
    I am only using the bare functionality, but it has plenty of adaptability to record a lot more than I am. Has been a very useful tool in the short time I have been using it. One addition that I would recommend is the option to adjust the logs that you export. There is such a thing as too much information.
  • Julius Smith
    Great app! Fix Blood pressure graph.
    GB needs to fix the blood pressure graph but if you are afraid that you might lose your data export to your email every month. I recommend downloading monthly report to excel to make graph to show you doctor. Waayy better than Healow which my HMO uses. They should use GB instead.
  • Doug Sloop
    Recommend. Comprohinsive. Green, with no need of books/Papers
    Its like having your diabetes/Endocrin office in your pocket. You can put in-depth information in, or you can just log quick BS readings. Has it's own chart/graph section to keep track of your averages for week - year. No dog-eared papers to keep up with, or remembering what log book your using now. Main screen is broken up into easy to understand picture options. No tutorial required. I am recommending this to everyone I know who has diabetes. 5(five) ***** easily.
  • Jeff Holloway
    Long time user
    Love this app. Used it since 2008. I recommend it to anyone who has diabetes. Keeping track of your blood sugars, medicine intake and food eaten daily. Best of all, you can share this information with your doctors online. Make sure you get their email addresses. This can allow them to adjust your dosages if needed. Neato!
  • Jay Handler
    Useful and Simple
    This is my third day using this App. I find it to be,for me, a less complicated way to show my results to those concerned with my results. The only thing that I would ask is a line for sugar levels and oxygen levels too. My doctors like to see those numbers too. Now I insert them as a note above the blood pressure line. I'VE NOW BEEN USING THIS APP FOR MANY MONTHS. I HAD TO REPLACE MY PHONE AND WHEN I LOGGED MY RESULTS I REALIZED ALL MY PAST RESULTS WERE GONE. IS THERE A WAY TO RECOVER MY PAST RESULT
  • Sugar Caldwell
    Easy record keeper
    This app is comprehensive and easy to use. Keeping track of all meds, foods, be readings, a1c, weight and blood pressure. Provides historical graph for be readings. It also can email CSV files of logs. My only issue is not being able to edit existing database items. Currently a new entry has to be made with edit and old deleted. Have already recommended to family and Diabetes Support Group.
  • Bailey Vause
    Very helpful! :)
    This app is great. It's very helpful to have when you are on the go all the time. I used to carry a small notebook, but it was too much hassle. When I started using this app things became so much easier. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I wish that when you entered food it would just let you save the food and the grams of carbs with it instead of saving the food then entering the amount of carbs. I wish it were more like a food library I guess you could say. If it did that it'd get 5 stars.
  • David Pickard
    Graph tiny
    The numbers on the graph are really small and for people with bad eyesight to begin with, the diabetes sometimes makes it worse. Other than that I love every bit of this app. I have already recommended this to my friends and even my primary care physician loved this! She has diabetes as well. Thanks so much for a well made program.
  • Debi Higgins
    Very helpful app!
    Glucose Buddy has really helped me track my cat's diabetes. It's easy to set up, however once diet & medication information is entered, it would be nice if it was possible to edit them. Instead one must delete mistakes and enter the item again. But the log itself is easily edited once set up. The log can also quickly be emailed to his doctor. The graph is easy to read. The reminders work great and are easy to control, keeping me on task.
  • Tiago Rocha Costa
    Great APP but with some features missing
    I Good interface (though the iphone"design" is apparent). A lot of options for entering glucose levels (such as before/after meals, workout, etc) , medication, weight and blood pressure. Still unable to sync values to my glucosebuddy website accout (would be a definite plus). Also, the graph only shows high, low and average GL levels. Would be interesting if more options were added (like average level before/after bed for example). You can export the values to a csv file though.
    Great diabetic tracking app.
    I like the different logs for daily glucose readings and times...ex.before meal or after activity, logs for tracking weight, meals, activity, a1c test results, blood pressure and heart rate and you can also email log history to yourself or doctors. Only problem I had was exceeding the number for an entry for my weight in the profile. Otherwise I feel this is a great app so far.
  • Theresa Arzadon-Labajo
    Good, with potential to be great
    This app allows me to track my blood sugar, food, meds, blood pressure, and weight all in the same place. The places for improvement would be: allow sorting from oldest to newest; ounces for food or no req for weight; put BP in same area; and fix bug with reminders. The BG reminders keys off the wrong events. Instead of alerting after meals, it alerts 2 hours after I have inputted my post-meal BG's. Hope the sync feature will be ready soon.
  • COB I
    Almost there...
    This is really a very good app. Very convenient, very easy to learn, overall nicely designed. Just a few minor quibbles. I would like to have ability to sort food entries alphabetically, for one thing. Actually, I think food entries should automatically sort alphabetically. Much easier to locate things once you get a longer list. That is probably my biggest beef. I would also like to see the BG entry for event (Before breakfast, After dinner, etc.) auto-coordinate with the other entries for meds. More...
  • Monique Francis
    Type 2 diabetic
    I love this app its so easy 2 use even my dad who carnt read can use it. Its easy 2 set up n the graph is so helpful. I can add notes n c weight gain or loss jst with a push of a button n having bp on it as well. This is overall a great app n very well done. Keep up the good work. Even my doctor is recommending it 2 others.
  • Troy Catindig
    Works For Me
    Type 2 diabetic having trouble keeping sugars under control. This simple and intuitive app seems to be significantly helping me get things back in order. Entering data is so simple and the graphic depiction of my stats is so compelling, that I believe my much needed success is at hand. Many thanks to the designers of this powerful app.
  • Mary Jackson
    Great app
    This is the best tracking app so far & I've tried a bunch. It's simple to the point. Sometimes my time stamp is off when I have to enter a day I forgot. But otherwise don't change a thing. It's free, it's simple, my Dr. Loves it. She just goes down the log and reads my daily numbers. It tracks everything I need to keep track of. Oh did I mention it's free? Everyone who has to keep track of their vitals & blood sugar downloads it when I show them the app.
  • Crystal Eubanks
    Great...Just Great!
    I'm eight months pregnant and the doc said I had to start watching my BG. Doc gave me a Onsync meter, which had no app for smart phones. I searched for a easy BG log to widget to my phone and out of them all this is by far the best! I've never had to count carbs to keep my BG down, and I'm green to this whole Gastastional Diabetes Therapy...I highly recommend this app for anyone!!!
  • Lisa Christiani
    Love it 😘💝😎
    Been.a type 2 since 2004. This has been the best app out of all that i have tried. Easy to use,you can set alarms if you like, not only that you can make notes when logging blood levels, track your weight & blood pressure too if you wish. I especially like the graphs & my Dr. Love the fact that the app can email him my info since last Dr appointment a day or 2 b4 my vist so he can go over it b4 he sees me. The only drawback. Is if u r tracking your food, There is no easy check list u have to put it in.
  • Kirk Gonzalez
    Pretty good; helpful
    I like that it puts in the current time and date for me but allows me to change it when I'm putting in past entries. I also really like that there is a note section and the simple but effective user interface. The graphs need work. They are too small for me to read and don't expand well. Also I think there are some other ways to group and show the data but I'm not sure what is there right now. It too small for me to see.
  • Erin Bailey
    An awesome app!
    Couldn't be more than happy with this app :) It's just what I've been looking for to help me manage my pre-diabetes. So easy to use, I love the graphing functions that make it really simple to see patterns in my bg levels. It's also great that it tracks your weight, food intake and blood pressure too. It's making me even more motivated to keep my bg levels on an even keel. Thanks for this great app!
  • Gloria Southard
    Great App
    This App makes it easy to keep track of your blood glucose and medications. I wish the food records were better with options already loaded like other Apps. I need to watch calories, carbs, fat, and protein. This App is not user friendly for that. Needs a little improvement but overall it does a great job for blood glucose tracking.
  • Janice Ingram
    Awesome, easy app!
    I really like how simple this app is to log BG readings, adding notes to explain foods eaten prior, or activities. Also the weight tracker is convenient and all in one place. I don't have diabetes, so I'm not sure what features would make it even better, but, as's great! As an update I just wanted to add that I wish this app had the ability to upload to Google Drive. My other phone crashed and I lost all my history, so I'm starting over. I still love this simple and effective app regardless.
  • Jason Meier
    Best app ever
    I have the tru2go meter from Walgreens which has a 99 test memory, but that doesn't do much good since it doesn't keep track of date and time at all. I got real sick of having to cary around a log book since it is bigger than my meter. This app has easily become the most valuable (and most used) one on my Galaxy s4. I absolutely love it! I can easily record my blood sugar levels, check the graphs for trends, track my weight, track my A1C results, AND email all of this information to my doctor and my self!
  • Diana Gable
    Pretty good log.
    While I was hoping to be able to use this on more than one device and sync (the app states this will come in future) I do find it easy to use after the initial learning. I sometimes forget to select the after meals or bedtime buttons but there are plenty to choose from for every possibility. I like that I can make a note and it shows up on the log page also. My only disclaimer is that I'm fairly new to diabetic needs and this is the first digital log I have tried, but now I'm used to it, I see no reason to change.
  • Diana Mayhue
    Love the app, needs an update!
    Love this app, I've used it with my past two pregnancies for gestational diabetes and it's been a huge help! Only complaint is that since the new year I'm having issues with the calendar displaying information from 2015 entries in the month view. Also it would be nice if we could click on the date and enter in information for that day instead of having to always set the date when entering new information. Overall great app :)
  • Jesse Hamilton
    Most user friendly
    I've tried several glucose tracking apps. This app is the best overall. I haven't found any other app that's as easy to set up and use. I like that this app doesn't hold your data hostage til you pay a monthly subscription. What you get with this app you get from day one. There are apps with more bells and whistles than you really need. This app does a few things REALLY WELL. That's what you want, not a dozen things moderately well. The only two things this app lacks is more chart and email options.
Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log

Glucose Buddy : Diabetes Log