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Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran

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  • Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran  for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter
  • Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran  for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter


Beautify your recitation and add color to your life with this color coded Mushaf Tajweed

iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter smartphone was launched in April 2014. The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels. iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter price in India starts from Rs. 3,999.

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core it comes with 512MB of RAM. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter runs Android 4.2 and is powered by a 1450mAh removable battery.

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM and 3G. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


How to download Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran form iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran with iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran is compatible with iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
  2. Click the download button to download Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran in iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter

  • A Google User
    Fixing needed.
    I am using Asus nexus 7. There is a small improvement needed. When reading through the pages I need to scroll down just to read couple of lines. If the page view can be squeezed such that you don't need to scroll down just to read those 2 lines it will be great. thanks
  • Solace In Darkness
    Page scrolling problem
    Ya sodiqi, there are times when I was scrolling the page, lets just say page 200. Then when I was moving to the next page, the number change but the page was still the same. So I went to the previous page it shows a different one. I was shocked to found out that the reading before was supposedly to be on page 201. So basically it skipped a page but the page number seems to be normal as if we didn't skip a page. This has been very common which I find very dissapointing. Really hope that you resolve this ASAP
  • Kimo HK
    The pages download fails!
    I love this app very much and now I have a new phone. And there is a download issue for pages. I have a very fast internet connection in HongKong but always download fails at (offsite 1). Could you help?
  • Adnan Hamid
    Great App
    Salam. This is a very nice app use it every day. Have one suggestion if its possible to add page number in permanent view. Sometimes we want to know how many pages we have read or if we have flip to next page correctly we have to keep tapping to know page number. Thanks. Also if possible can save bookmark by profile. Eg. for my own reading is one profile. Whenever I save a bookmark in that it overrides my last bookmark in that profile. Now it just saves new bookmark every time. I can't keep track of it. Thx
  • Zamri Salleh
    Was 5 star
    It was 5 star to me till I switched from Samsung Galaxy S4 to S5. Now I can't use the menu button at the bottom left to search for bookmarks, list of surah, etc. since Galaxy S5 now uses the button for something else (S5 now adopted "virtual" menu button at top right of screen. Please DO something immediately, else I will have to dump this app for some others which can be use. Please ADVICE.
  • Ibrahim Mohamed
    Jazakallahu khair for this very beneficial application. One thing need help. I couldn't see the bookmark menu. I m using Asus ZP6.
  • A Google User
    Its a very good app. Very clear to read. But i found 2 problems. 1. It is difficult to scroll in landscape mode. 2. Bookmarks are pagewise/Aya-wise. It should also include Surah wise bookmarks.
  • A Google User
    Please make Left/Right swiping to turn a page at a time while while Up/Down swipes scrolls a number of verses Up/Down continuosly (i.e not page by page)
  • Mohammed Basith Awan
    Best Tajweed Mushaf
    There are many choose for Qur'an reading on Android but for a Tajweed Mushaf this application is the best. The only thing it is missing is a dual page landscape view for bigger phones and tablets inshallah
  • Faisal Aminy
    Great Qur'an apps with no ads
    Alhamdulillah it's a great job you did. I have little problem. Page 442 it's printed half page. I uninstalled & reinstalled several times but it does not change. Please let me know what I have to do. Thanks. .
  • Abdi Farah
    Mushaf tijiit
    Mashaa Allah , the best appln ever I got from Gplay . is my live reading Kuran . but after downloaded asking me varifying 2 munuts and still didn't see the kuran pages , what is the wrong ? Plze improve it better insha Allah.
  • A Google User
    Galaxi S2
    Please make it smooth move when scrolling page from the bottom to upper and from upper to bottom. And the words are looks like blur, still need to iprove picture resolution. Offcourse this is already good apps. May Allah repay you
  • Prima Noor
    How to change resolution
    I've installed it, it's great. At the first time I choose low quality image, then I think it's blurry. How do I change resolution setting. I've delete quran images and reinstall app, but it still download low res image.
  • A Google User
    Thank you
    If memory full please put banners n templates and baclground as options. The most important is the written WORD. If screen space, show ayah by ayah with corresponding translation and rules. Translations is also important. Pls have this verified by AlAzhar or important bodies. Thank you and Allah blessed you for your hard work.
  • Anas Ababou
    Great app but outdated for my new phone
    This is my goodbye to this app that stayed with me for a while. I'm sad to let it go, but I have a galaxy s5 now and the app no longer gives me the option to go to the surahs list so I may chose the surah I want to read. I should also add that it takes a longtime download the surahs the first time. Other than that great Quran app and I learned how to better read the Quran. Jazakumallah khair
  • A Google User
    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
    May Allah accept this effort from you and bless you for this. Can you also add a two page feature? This will help memorizers to have a real mushaf look and feel by viewing this in the same way as a real mushaf. Jazaakallahu Khair.
  • C. Mohamed
    This is the most simple quran app available. Although you cannot download mp3 or read translation, this app has made reciting quran according to tajweed So much easier! Worth 5 stars!! Allahumma baarik lakum..
  • Aisha Mubarak
    Problem in language
    If only the rules of tajweed are explained in English.. :( I could have given 5 stars.
  • Syamsul Arifin
    Great tajwid quran
    Thank you for your great effort providing this useful app for us to learn quran. It simple feature (without audio recitation) is a good strategy. One suggestion, the quran isn't fit with my phone screen, it probably better if the quran can fit with the screen while on potrait version so we do not need to scroll down for the last line of each page. -im using lenovo s880. Once again, may Allah give you a lot of reward for your effort. Jazakumu
  • Mohammed El-Said
    The best
    First of all, thanks a lot for your great app, I tried a lot till now, and so far your one is the best. but there is only 1 thing makes the reading hard, it is that whenever I try to change the page or move it, the status appears [scroll and sura name, and aya number] which is in the last image of your App Screenshots, so I have to click again to hide it. is there a way to get over this behavior, some settings, or some update for it. thanks
  • Binte Farooqui
    Please update it
    It just doesn't download on my Note 5. I had Grand earlier and I was this apps biggest fan and user. Please please please make it work for Note 5 as I don't want to use any other app for mushaf. Please. May Allah reward you immensely. Hope and wish for soonest solution applicable. Please. Jazak Allahu khairan.
  • Hasan Fauzi
    Great App
    May Allah bless you. Very usefull program. Now I can read quran tajweed on my lenovo s880. Only problem that I have is 1 line in every page covered so I should scroll down to read the last line. But thank you very much can't wait your improvement
  • ahmad noordin zakaria
    Sharpest and clearest.
    This is now THE Quran for my reading. Jazakumuallah kathiran. Hope to hear your next release and added functionility. Agree with some comment on page number because one slide sometime goes more than one pages. May Allah reward your good effort, wassalam.
  • Rialdi
    landscape view
    why all of a sudden i can not see the page in landscape view. It happened about a week ago, and until now i still can't. Also, please make the scrolling in and between pages smoother.
Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran

Mushaf Tajweed - Holy Quran