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  • Cat Whistle Pro Trainer  for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter
  • Cat Whistle Pro Trainer  for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter


Cat Whistle Pro Trainer - the ultimate cat training aid

iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter smartphone was launched in April 2014. The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels. iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter price in India starts from Rs. 3,999.

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core it comes with 512MB of RAM. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter packs a 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter runs Android 4.2 and is powered by a 1450mAh removable battery.

The iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Regular and Regular. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM and 3G. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor and Accelerometer.


How to download Cat Whistle Pro Trainer form iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Cat Whistle Pro Trainer with iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Cat Whistle Pro Trainer is compatible with iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
  2. Click the download button to download Cat Whistle Pro Trainer in iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Cat Whistle Pro Trainer in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for iBall Andi 4.5P Glitter

  • Nicole Kepley
    Loved it it works really good for my cat he went to stubborn to perfect. I will blown the first on and he comes right to me. I love him so much now now he won't attack my new kitten I can finally let my kitten out of my roo room. My roo room is my kangroo room is my old room.
  • Bella Fajardo175
    Loved it!
    My cat will not come to me at all unless Im being super quiet or just on the couch! Whenever I blow this whistle and say come here in a calm voice he comes! Really suggest this app!
  • Ruben P Hezzlepodge
    This app has been useful but not for the reasons expected... My cats don't pay attention to it, however the third setting has been useful when trying to explain the noise that constantly goes on in my head
  • Kylie Zollinger
    I tried it and it worked so I gave my cat treats but she would not eat them so I said Kiki come here and she came,and then I said go eat your treats and blew the whistle and she went and ate them.
  • Nikki Strickland
    It works!
    My cat was so mean but now she loves me. She's sitting in my lap nudging my hand right now. Perfect app!!
  • Jenni Daggett
    Farm cats
    This app works every time for one of my inside cats. I live on a farm and let her outside with me. Usually she doesn't go far from me but some days she likes to adventure. When I'm ready to go inside, I use this app and she comes running from where ever she was. I would recommend to friends
  • Brandon Goens
    Worked for Hormonal Cat
    My cat was in heat and we had to wait until her episode was over to get her fixed. Its annoying when she's in heat because all she does is meow her mating call and rub up against me. I feel like I was being sexually harassed by a feline. Worked good, got her to shut up for a good nights sleep
  • A Google User
    My cat loves this! She constantly meows and rubs against me after I sound the whistle.
  • Emmanuel Saldana
    It works
    This is incredible. My cat loves this. He chased me around the house. This really works, no question. I recommend this app if you love your cat.
  • Kara Nichols
    Really does work
    It does work when im out side and shes somewhere i dont know one min later and shes here!
  • A Google User
    What kind of person uses a BB gun on animals, or even jokes about it?? That's a horrible thought! As for the app, its working really well. Thanks guys
  • Cassidy Klingman
    It's okay.
    I'm not sure if I would be able to train my cat with this app, but it worked to get her to come to me when I called. She definitely heard it - and looked very confused before she came running to me.
  • Orla Kennedy
    My cat come up to when i play this whistle but my other cats do not so it only works with my one cat. I do use this a lot and I think it well worth getting if your cat can hear it !
  • Emerald Eyes
    Very helpful and handy when I want my cat to come up on the seat I use this app and she comes without delay ! Really handy too when my cat goes out of the room and I want her to come back I use the app there's so many reasons I use this app 🐱
  • A Google User
    It really works! My cat just came to me an started to meow at me an then hr sat down! I love this app! (:
  • michael dias
    Kitty kat dominator
    studying for your finals is hard as hell when your cat is going under our bed and destroing it ... thanks to this app my cat came tome. rubed his head and is now sitting peacefully
  • GraywoofieMC101
    Can Someone Help?
    My cat is biting my arm off and I don't know what to do. She is like 3 feet tall and has stripes on her and is orange on her top half and white on the bottom (this is a joke, don't be offended)
  • Joyce Jewell
    My cat picked this up immediately....there was nowhere in my house I could hide that she couldn't find me. And with in a day or two she wasn't trying to eat my bird annymore!!!
  • TJ Smith
    Great for "Training" cat.
    First of all this is a "Cat Training" whistle, it's up to you to put the effort in and TRAIN your cat. My cat goes out and I trained her so every time She hears the whistle she learned that she gets food or a treat, and comes running home. Works like a charm.
  • im a pisces
    I love it
    My cat neko will sit come to me get off the table etc. Total miracle it made my untrimmed clawish cat nice and love-able lol meeeeeeeeeeeeeeep me lovè _ new update I'm editing right now _ SHE TALKS ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cat : * gets up on sink * me : get down ! Cat : mreow ( please ? ) Me : no ! Cat : mreow ! ( Please again ) me : okay okay cat : mrow-ow ( thank-you ) me : your welcome cat mroesh~ ( hmm )
  • Jasmine Edwards
    Cats came to it
    I just downloaded this for fun to see if my cats would come when they heard the whistle. They came and my ferrets did as well. Typically, I cannot hear a pet whistle, but I can this one; so I gave 4 stars.
  • Thatsmelly Mellon
    Works perfectly!
    I do this once on half volume and all my cats come running! LOL To be honest i didn't think these things actually worked i was just bored lol so i was downloading random apps. LOL
  • Wael Gorashi
    best ever
    i was trying to cacth my cat and when i blew this thing every think whent well and the the cat had a baby and i named it mr. coudles beacuse he loves to coudle a his eyes are black he is so cute thanks people who made this app but how do you make the app how long did it take you thanks this is l for leeee subscribe to me and stampylongnose by.
  • A Google User
    Fun app
    Admittedly, the cats have a way of ignoring the whistle every now and then, but most of the time this really works. It's extremely fun to see them meowing around the smartphone, getting confused about the source of the whistling.
  • Braden Dees
    Love it!
    To be honest, I went into this being very skeptical. But, it really does work! My cat responds so well, and jumps right up in my lap purring!
  • David Tieman
    I think this is a good choice because...
    I have a new cat that scratches up every thing
Cat Whistle Pro Trainer

Cat Whistle Pro Trainer