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Get Your Bookmarks on Mobile and PC!

UPDATE 1/17/2013: Back by popular demand! We have souped up our ChromeFirefoxSafari desktop extensions, download them now.  

With this new release of Dolphin, you can not only sync bookmarks and tabs, but also send webpages/directions/photos/phone numbers from your desktop to mobile. Check out all the ways to use our new features

Dolphin Connect is hard at work connecting you across all your devices, and now, across mobile and desktop. Save sites on your phone to peruse on your PC later or bring the best of Chrome to your Dolphin. With Dolphin Bookmarks Extension for Chrome [BETA] Dolphin makes it even easier to browse the web on mobile and on your PC! So lend us a helping hand and, give it whirl.

Tell me more:  

Dolphin Bookmarks Extension is an extension for your Chrome browser (on desktop) that uses the powerful cloud service – Dolphin Connect. If you don’t already have it, Dolphin Connect lets you sync your bookmarks across all Android, iOS devices (and now) PCs so you can access what you want, wherever you are.

Ok I want it! What do I do?

  1. Download it here (duh!) for your computer
  2. Open your Chrome, and go to chrome://settings/extensions
  3. Drag the downloaded BETA file to chrome://settings/extensions
  4. Click “OK” to install
  5. Click on Dolphin icon to the right of the URL bar
  6. Login with your Facebook, Google or Dolphin Connect account
  7. Sync
  • Choose sync with Dolphin bookmarks only to transfer your Dolphin bookmarks to your Chrome
  • Choose sync all bookmarks to bring the best of Chrome to Dolphin

8. Sync bookmarks

9. Tell us about your experience and fill out a short survey by clicking here.

 We want to hear from you so, as always, don’t hesitate to send your feedback to support@dolphin-browser.com. The official version will be in Chrome Web Store soon. Stay tuned!


Team Dolphin

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