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Dolphin Browser Spotlight: A Spanish User's Perspective – Daniel Barros

Hi Dolphin Fans,

We are back this week with another user spotlight to show us how they use their Dolphin Browser.

Joining us this week is Daniel from Spain. He is a writer and administrator for Smartphonezine — a site focused on smartphones and mobile products.

Name: Daniel Barros
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Number of mobile phones he has owned: More than 20

As a self-confessed gadget freak, Daniel’s work realm of reviewing mobile products often crosses over to his personal interests. One of the most challenging things in his career as a administrator and writer is compiling and and classifying all the daily information he researches and reads up on.

In order to keep his work and personal life organized, Daniel uses tools within Dolphin Add-ons like Evernote and Read It Later on a daily basis.

Interestingly enough, when we asked Daniel what superhero he would like to be, he replied Batman. Daniel says it’s “because he’s a normal man but owns a lot of gadgets like me.” It comes as no surprise then that Daniel has owned more than 20 mobile phones and uses Add-ons, Gesture and Sonar to search and browse the most.

Daniel’s loves to travel and the choice of his next travel destination is Japan. When Daniel travels, he has some pretty crafty ways to use Dolphin Browser. He starts by using Sonar to search for useful information, maps or guides. He then downloads all the information gathered with Dolphin’s Web to PDF Add-on.

Daniel then proceeds to organize and save all the collected information through Dolphin’s Evernote Add-on and mark intersting places on his travel maps with Skitch Add-on.

Fun User Spotlight Fact:

Since Daniel’s first language is Spanish, he would like to show us his interpretation of a commonly used word in English.

Word: Impossible
Daniel’s Definition: Something that should not appear in your vocabulary and what you should never let anyone tell you.

We think Daniel is absolutely cool and a is definitely a go-getter!

– Team Dolphin

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