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CY Security User Privacy Policy

Please read through all rights and restrictions in this Agreement with care.
Thank you for choosing CY Security(hereinafter referred to “Product”). We are dedicated to making your mobile devices safer.

A. Product Features
Our Product’s functions include Virus Detection and Eradication, Optimization and Cleansing, Memory Optimization Whitelist, Junk Files Removal, SD Card Scan, Real-time Protectionand more. We will also continue to introduce new features according to your needs, to help you better protect and manage your mobile devices.

Virus Detection and Eradication: Scan the software installed on your device for safety issues. Protect your privacy and property by scanning the installation packs stored on your device for viruses and malware. To protect your device around the clock, our virus library will update itself automatically, and you will receive notifications about our latest product upgrades.

Optimization and Cleansing: Rapidly check the memory usage status of your device, shut down unnecessary software, and free up memory space. Your devices will run faster after redundant background processes have been closed and more memory has been freed up. Our rapid optimization and cleansing service will save you the trouble of repeatedly opening various utilities to do the job, using the system interface to access running software and services, identifying unnecessary ones, and then offering recommendations as to which you should terminate.

Memory Optimization Whitelist: You can add important software and services to this whitelist to prevent them from being closed during optimization. Current foreground programs and default input methods will never be closed.

Junk Files Removal: Rapidly and comprehensively scan your device, show the junk files such as system cache, useless installation packs, empty folders, thumbnail. Use one key scan to remove junk files, free up mobile space.

SD Card Scan: scan SD card, find out malicious software installation packs and support delete operation. Protect your personal privacy and property safety from virus, Trojan, and malicious software from the origin.

Real-time Protection: scan the software to check whether it is malicious during installation. If so, then remind you to do delete operation.

We look forward to receiving feedback on your experience with our Product, as well as any suggestions you submit to our user feedback channel. Your advice will help us to provide you with a better service.

To better resolve the problems you’ve encountered, we will access and upload the IMEI code of your device, operating system feedback sorting code, client version code, device type code, contact email, and content of your feedback. We only retrieve this information to locate the system and the source of the problem, and will not try to access any of your other information.

B. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
You confirms that you fully understands all functions of the Product and all necessary operations to implement these functions, and voluntarily chooses to use the Product and relevant services in accordance with your own needs. You shall be solely responsible for all risks and consequences incurred by the use of the Product and relevant services.

Notwithstanding being carefully tested, the Product may not be compatible with all software and hardware systems, and may contain some errors. In the event that incompatibility or an error occurs, you may acquire technical support via feedback. In the case that an issue concerning compatibility cannot be solved, you can delete the Product.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, We shall not be liable for any damage or risk incurred by the use or inability to use the Product, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damage, loss of commercial benefits, trade disruption, and loss of business information or any other economic loss.

We shall not be liable for any loss incurred by telecommunication system or internet network failure, computer breakdown or virus, information damage or loss, computer system error, or any other reason regarding force majeure.

In the case that you breaches this Agreement, we is entitled to take action, including but not limited to license suspension, cessation of the service, usage limitation, and legal action.

C. Privacy
The information we collect:

Your installation and use of this product involves the collection and use of certain data by third parties, according to the terms set forth on the following third-party privacy policy: dolprivacy-policy.com

The information you submit to us. You can submit information to us in various ways, including technical support and customer service, product registration, comments or feedback.

In order to help us improve the Product, we will encrypt the information and will not reveal the content of the information to any organization or person.
The information we acquire during your use of our Product and service. We may collect information regarding relevant Product and services, including information about your device and the mode you use, and details about your network usage, such as computer files and malicious software, and message samples that may contain viruses or malicious software.

Your device information. We may collect information regarding your operating system version, system language, and IMEI number.

Log information. When you use our service, our Product may automatically collect the information stored on our server that is related to your usage of our website or service in order to help us improve the quality of our Product and service. This may include: how you use our website, service, and Product, including when you install or uninstall our Product and how long and in which way you use our Product.
Error log upload: The Product will generate an error log and unexpected errors or crashes that occur during file dump. The Product will upload this error log.

We will keep your information safe. Unless otherwise specified clearly in law, or with your clear consent, we will not provide any third party with the information uploaded by you. Your information will not be sold, lent, or exchanged.

D. Other
In the event that any provision in this Agreement, partly or wholly, becomes invalid or loses executive force, or violates any applicable law, no matter the reason, it shall be deemed as having been deleted. The other provisions will still remain valid and maintain binding force.

We is entitled to edit this Agreement at any time in accordance with changes of relevant laws, regulations, and the company’s state of operation, and the adjustment of operational strategy. The edited agreement will be publicized and attached in the new version of the Product. In the case that you disagrees with the edited agreement, you can delete the Product at your sole discretion. Should you continue to use the Product, it shall be deemed as acceptance of the edited agreement.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of China without giving effect to principles of choice of law. Any dispute, controversy or claim relating to this Agreement, including the existence, enforceability or termination of this Agreement, may be finally resolved by arbitration.The arbitration shall be conducted in Beijing under the auspices of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Beijing).The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in English. Once a dispute is referred to arbitration, such dispute shall be finally and exclusively settled through binding arbitration unless you and we otherwise reach a written agreement to resolve the dispute.