Dolphin for iPhone

How to Conquer a Research Project with Dolphin

This blog is part of the Dolphin How-to series, where we show you how you can customize Dolphin to fit your interests and use it to simplify your daily life. Do you use Dolphin in an interesting way? Tell us more in the comments below! Brace yourself. It’s finals season and you are a weary [...]

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Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution: Do Everything with Dolphin

Happy New Year, Dolphin fans! We trust your holiday season went well and you’re refreshed for a fun, exciting and fulfilling 2013. Speaking of exciting, we’ve got great news for all of you: new versions of Dolphin for Android, iPhone, and iPad, recharged and reinvigorated for the new year. This is our most exciting release since we launched [...]

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Dolphin is Speaking Your Language. 17 to be Exact… with the iPhone v5.0!

Yes you heard right, Dolphin can now search in 17 languages,  remember passwords, save to iTunes and suggest search options you will like. What can’t Dolphin do?! Alright alright, we still lack opposable thumbs… We know you are not all walk and no talk so first download it on your iPhone or iPad. We promise that in [...]

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Dolphin iPhone v3.5: Makes (almost) Everything a Little Bit Easier

Dolphin is proud to present v3.5 for iPhone, now available on the App Store. Dolphin v3.5 for iPhone comes equipped with full screen mode and screen orientation lock to give you the best browsing experience. Now we can’t help hang that shelf in the garage for you but we do what we can. And with [...]

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10% of US Mobile Subscribers Use an iPhone

Here are some interesting facts we came across recently based on Comscore’s MobiLens data. A survey of more than 30,000 mobile phone users found the following data for smartphone handsets: Samsung is the top handset manufacturer with 25.5% market share. LG comes in second at 20.6% market share. Motorola sits at third with 13.6% market [...]

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Dolphin Rings in the New Year With a New Look: iOS v3.0

Each New Year many of us scribble a list of resolutions for the upcoming year and promise to turn over a new leaf. Well, Dolphin has also decided to makes some changes in 2012, starting with updates to our iOS browser. Today Dolphin is releasing the latest versions (v3.0) of our browser for the iPhone [...]

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