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Creative Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Dolphin Browser!

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks, and we at Dolphin collected some of our favorite ideas from around the web to help you and your loved one celebrate. Here’s hoping you have a creative, fun, and romantic Valentine’s Day! 1. Sometimes, it’s the messages that come with the gifts that make them most memorable. Come […]

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How to Conquer a Research Project with Dolphin

This blog is part of the Dolphin How-to series, where we show you how you can customize Dolphin to fit your interests and use it to simplify your daily life. Do you use Dolphin in an interesting way? Tell us more in the comments below! Brace yourself. It’s finals season and you are a weary […]

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The World of Mobile Phones: Mobile Ownership by Country

Are you one of those who enjoy random information and facts especially when it comes to technology? If so, you’re in luck because today’s random factoids are about mobile phones and geography. In Saudi Arabia and Russia, those who own mobile phones have more than one mobile phone in use. Did you know that in China, […]

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Add-on Digest: Dolphin Tweet

Share the content you are reading through Dolphin Tweet Add-on.  Just a swipe and a tap and your content will be shared through your Twitter network. Download Dolphin Tweet for your Dolphin Browser and share your information with the world. It’s simple, fast and easy to use — the hallmark of all Dolphin products. L-R Step One: Swipe […]

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It's a Mobile, Mobile World!

We’ve covered quite a bit on the unrelenting growth of the mobile industry recently. And with the support from you Dolphin fans, it has been an incredibly encouraging and motivating process. Our goal is to continue providing you with updates, fixes and ground-breaking ways of mobile browsing through Dolphin Browser. For those of you who […]

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Mobile, Tablets & eReaders Sales Through The Roof

We recently published a blog 2012: The Tipping Point for Mobile which highlights all the signs of the mobile industry exploding across the globe — From sales to content consumption. If that’s not any indication, here are some new and compelling numbers to prove our case that all signs are pointing towards the mobile sector. […]

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3.5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Dolphin this Valentine’s Day. Dolphin for iPad v3.5 is here.

Even the best partner isn’t perfect. But Dolphin comes pretty close! In our efforts to be the best companion for your smartphone or tablet, today we’re announcing the launch of Dolphin Browser v3.5 for iPad. We’ve also, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day and our update, given 3.5 reasons to fall in love with […]

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Dolphin Browser Comes to Barnes & Noble's Nook

Browsing just got sweeter for those of you with a Nook tablet. Dolphin Browser HD is the fastest, easiest and most fun mobile Web browser. It’s also the world’s first Gesture, Webzine and Add-on enabled mobile web browser on Android — All of this is now available on Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Continue to browse […]

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