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On the website www.dolphin.com and the software Dolphin you will find Android apps, Android Games, Mobile Ringtones, Wall Papers and other content (collectively, the “Content”). All such Content has been provided by our users and third party Content providers and we do not control nor can we guarantee the integrity, quality or legitimacy of such Content. We value the protection of Intellectual Property rights and require our users and third-party Content providers not to upload, publish or otherwise make available any Content which infringes any Intellectual Property rights. We at Dolphin do not claim to take ownership of any Content which entirely belongs to the corresponding Content providers.
If you suspect any unauthorized Content exist on our website or software, please email us at support@dolphin.com, and we will initiate an internal investigation ASAP. In case you feel that your copyright is being violated and want the relevant material removed, please email us a message at support@dolphin.com with exact reference to the Content you claim copyright to. This message shall also contain the
• Name and the exact URL of your copyrighted material.
• Contact information so that we may contact you (street address, phone and email).
• Clear proof of evidence that you own any copyright of the Content or evidence that you are a representative of the person/company owning the Content.
We will reply to EVERY such removal request ASAP. We will not reply to automatically-generated messages though, or messages missing any information listed above. Please note that it may take up to 72 working hours to process your request. If we are reasonably convinced that your copyright of the Content has been violated, we will take timely and appropriate action to remove the content.
You can use those files ONLY IF you own the original record of any downloaded file. Otherwise you may BREAK the copyright law! We do NOT take ANY responsibility for your actions! If you download an audio file, you FULLY ACCEPT this Disclaimer.
No one is authorized to redistribute or sell the material downloaded from our site.