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Persian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian QuranPersian Quran


Now you can download the Noble Quran in Persian language on your Android smartphone or tablet, for free!

All Muslims need to have a copy of the Quran with them all the time. Reading from the Holy Quran is an important daily task that we can never ignore. Now you can have the Quran Kareem in your smartphone or tablet to read on your way to work or when you are heading back home, traveling or having a break at work.

This all-in-one app is a Quran explorer where you can search and read the Holy Quran, reading the official Persian translation. It will help you have the Holy Quran with you all the time, wherever you are. Search your favorite Quran verses or surahs so you can find them easily again and again.

In this application, the Persian text of the Holy Quran is exactly the same official text found in all versions of the Holy Quran, and it has been carefully authenticated by professional proof readers. The Persian translation is the official version and the most honest one to the original Arabic text.

After installing the Quran Persian Offline application on your smartphone you can read the entire Quran offline, with no Wi-Fi or mobile data connection required after downloading.
Browse and read Al Quran Al-Majeed in a clear font with the official Persian translation. The app is very natural and intuitive so you can focus all your attention on the holy message that Allah has given us in the Quran.

The Quran Persian Offline is available for Android smartphones and tablets, and includes the complete Quran with 114 surhas:

1 The Opener, 2 The Cow, 3 Family of Imran, 4 The Women, 5 The Table Spread, 6 The Cattle, 7 The Heights, 8 The Spoils of War, 9 The Repentance, 10 Jonah, 11 Hud, 12 Joseph, 13 The Thunder, 14 Abrahim, 15 The Rocky Tract, 16 The Bee, 17 The Night Journey, 18 The Cave, 19 Mary, 20 Ta-Ha, 21 The Prophets, 22 The Pilgrimage, 23 The Believers, 24 The Light, 25 The Criterian, 26 The Poets, 27 The Ant, 28 The Stories, 29 The Spider, 30 The Romans, 31 Luqman, 32 The Prostration, 33 The Combined Forces, 34 Sheba, 35 Originator, 36 Ya Sin, 37 Those who set the Ranks, 38 The Letter "Saad", 39 The Troops, 40 The Forgiver, 41 Explained in Detail, 42 The Consultation, 43 The Ornaments of Gold, 44 The Smoke, 45 The Crouching, 46 The Wind-Curved Sandhills, 47 Muhammad, 48 The Victory, 49 The Rooms, 50 The Letter "Qaf", 51 The Winnowing Winds, 52 The Mount, 53 The Star, 54 The Moon, 55 The Beneficent, 56 The Inevitable, 57 The Iron, 58 The Pleading Woman, 59 The Exile, 60 She that is to be examined, 61 The Ranks, 62 The Congregation, 63 The Hypocrites, 64 The Mutual Disillusion, 65 The Divorce, 66 The Prohibition, 67 The Sovereignty, 68 The Pen, 69 The Reality, 70 The Ascending Stairways, 71 Noah, 72 The Jinn, 73 The Enshrouded One, 74 The Cloaked One, 75 The Resurrection, 76 The Man, 77 The Emissaries, 78 The Tidings, 79 Those who drag forth, 80 He Frowned, 81 The Overthrowing, 82 The Cleaving, 83 The Defrauding, 84 The Sundering, 85 The Mansions of the Stars, 86 The Nightcommer, 87 The Most High, 88 The Overwhelming, 89 The Dawn, 90 The City, 91 The Sun, 92 The Night, 93 The Morning Hours, 94 The Relief, 95 The Fig, 96 The Clot, 97 The Power, 98 The Clear Proof, 99 The Earthquake, 100 The Courser, 101 The Calamity, 102 The Rivalry in world increase, 103 The Declining Day, 104 The Traducer, 105 The Elephant, 106 Quraysh, 107 The Small Kindnesses, 108 The Abundance, 109 The Disbelievers, 110 The Divine Support, 111 The Palm Fiber, 112 The Sincerity, 113 The Daybreak, 114 The Mankind.

Download the Holy Quran in your smart phone or tablet right now and read the official Persian translation no matter where you go.

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How to install Persian Quran APK?

1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Persian Quran APK with your smart phone;Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Persian Quran is compatible with your Android phone.
2. Click the download button to download Persian Quran.Once the download completed,find Persian Quran in your download folder or notification center and tap the icon to install the APK.
3. Find Persian Quran icon in your home screen then tap the icon to open it.