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Archive for June, 2013

Vertical Search

What is vertical search? Vertical search is a feature that enables you to make one-click searches within Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, and more straight from your URL bar. How do I use vertical search? Type a search query into the URL Bar. A menu will appear along the top of the keyboard indicating which services you […]

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Browse the Future: Dolphin Evolves to v10

Today is yet another monumental day for Dolphin. In celebration of reaching an incredible 80 million installs, we are launching our most intuitive Dolphin yet. Meet Dolphin for Android v10. Dolphin is my browser Team Dolphin set out in 2010 to create a better mobile browsing experience for everyone. Today we’re launching a browser made […]

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Web Apps 101: My Favorite Web Apps

So I understand the difference between a native app and a web app: now which should I use? That, my friend, depends on the user. I am partial to the hybrid experience: responding to email, checking social media, shopping, reading news using web apps, and leaving more productivity-intensive tasks like taking notes in Evernote and accessing […]

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Web Apps 101

The past couple of years have a seen a lot of talk about the mobile battle between the Native App and Web Apps. Words like HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Objective C, and Java have been thrown around in a frenzy to determine who will be the eventual victor in the smartphone era. But what does it […]

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Dolphin for Android & Jetpack Update: Smoother Browsing, Added Search Engines

Today, Team Dolphin announced two new updates on Android: Dolphin Browser v9.4.2 and Jetpack v3.0. Here’s the skinny: Dolphin Browser for Android v9.4.2 Dolphin Browser is faster than ever and now supports three new search engine options: DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo JP. Change your default search engine by going to Menu > More > Settings > […]

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