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Archive for July, 2011

Dolphin HD V6.1 Beta Updated, Stability Improved

It has been about 2 weeks since Dolphin HD v6.0 was launched. Today we are pleased to announce the first update after v6.0—-Dolphin HD v6.1 beta on our blog. In this beta version, we focus on improving the performance and stability. Since the release of Dolphin HD v6.0, we have received feedback from thousands of […]

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Dolphin is #2 on CNET’s Top 100 Most Popular Android Apps!

We are happy to announce that Dolphin voted as No.2 on CNET’s Top 100 Android apps.  A big thank you to all our fans who voted for us. 100 Android apps. 10 CNET editors and writers. 16 days. 9317 votes… only 10 winners. July 11th 2011, 10 CNET editors and writers posted their favorite 10 apps and asked […]

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Dolphin for Android Pad V1.0 Beta Released

We want to bring the best mobile browsing experience to our Android Pad users. Many users already knew about our Android Pad version several months ago. Right! Dolphin for Pad v1.0 beta is ready for you to download in Android Market. With 50 million Android tablet sold in 2010 and growing, Dolphin Browser now enables […]

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Dolphin HD v6.0 and Webzine Now Available on the Android Market!

We are very proud to announce the launch of Dolphin Browser HD v6.0 and introduce Webzine. What is Webzine? Dolphin brings out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before. Web pages are cleanly displayed as a series of thumbnail images and users can scroll through […]

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Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 Beta Brings You A More Stable Browsing Experience

Today we release Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 beta on our blog. Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 beta aims at providing you a more stable browsing experience. This minor update includes stability and bug fixes. We sincerely recommend this optimized version to all our loyal Dolphin Browser HD v5.1 users. Bugs fixed in Dolphin Browser HD v5.1.1 […]

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Official Apology to Our Beta Testers of Dolphin Browser HD v6.0

Yesterday we sent an e-mail to a number of consumers who are our beta testers for Dolphin Browser HD v6.0. This time is different from our monthly newsletter in that we decided to send out the emails separately by using another email service. Through an unfortunate error by one of our employees, some recipients were […]

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