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Archive for October, 2010

Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Finally Released to Android Market!

It has been a relatively long time since we published the Dolphin Browser HD v3.0. Sorry to keep you waiting since there are so many problems in V3.0, like the swipe action issue, drag down window issue and many more. Still many of our users are suffering the bad user experience. Deeply Sorry!  Now it […]

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Enjoy Multi-language Supported Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Pre-release Version!

Firstly, a big thanks to all of you that lend us a helping hand in response to our translation requests. And all the languages you translated for us were added into Dolphin Browser HD, altogether 12 languages. When we need help, you will always be there for us. Maybe each time we just express our gratefulness with such […]

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Let’s Check in! Dolphin Browser HD V4.0 Beta3 Available Now!

First off, a big thanks to all of you that lend us a helping hand in response to our translation requests. Maybe each time we just replied with Thanks, while in fact, appreciation is a kind of emotion more than we can say. We’ve been on a roll lately with Dolphin Browser HD v4.0. Three […]

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Dolphin Bookmarks Folder is Coming! – Come and Taste Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Beta2

It has been one third of month since we published Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Beta1 version here. We promise that we will bring you Bookmarks Folder in the previous posts. Here we are glad to announce that you can enjoy it now – Bookmarks Folders in Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Beta2. Add Bookmarks Folder Support […]

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Get Your Favorite Wallpapers in Flikie.com via Dolphin Home

Tired of finding wallpapers for your phone? Don’t worry, we just find a good wallpaper site for you to choose the wallpapers you want anytime. What’s better than an Android-themed wallpaper on your Android phone? Follow me and experience a wallpaper trip. First, click the Wallpaper head links in Dolphin Home. Second, tap a picture you like to access […]

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Bookmarks Widget Updates & One New Dolphin Add-on Arrives!

How time flies! It has been a month’s time since we had published the last two add-ons in August. During the whole September, we had been dedicated into optimizing the performance of Dolphin. You may be aware that we had released many updates on our Blog, but we will never stop doing this before we can […]

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