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Archive for July, 2010

Dolphin Review Articles Update

Androidtapp.com Dolphin Browser HD review: Dolphin Browser HD app review Dolphin Browser HD is a brand new version of Dolphin Browser, the most popular browser on Android market. Powerful, Fast & Elegant. Only applicable on Android 2.0+ platform. Features: Versatile Add-ons, Multi-touch Pinch Zoom, Thumbnails Flick Menu, Tabbed Browsing,Gesture URL Commander, Bookmarks Sorting. More info […]

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Gesture commander- Amazing feature exclusive to Dolphin Browser

Gesture commander is a fantastic feature of Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser. No other browser supports for this amazing feature yet. You can execute up to 30 actions by simply draw a sign with your unique pattern. You can set your own gestures for almost everything in the browser: Add bookmark, back, forward, go […]

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